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FSBO Safety Tips


Unfortunately, we live in a world where we need to worry about safety. Your safety is important to us! Here are a few tips to keep you safe during showings and open houses. Stay safe and happy selling!

  1. Never tell a stranger that you can not show because you are not home. Instead explain you have company and suggest a better time.
  2. Screen your buyers! Only show your home to buyers that are pre-approved with a lender. Ask to get a copy of the pre-approval letter emailed to you before the showing. Please give us a call if you would like a recommendation for a lender to refer people to. We work with numerous lenders and it is a common practice not to show homes without a pre-approval.
  3. Try to have someone else at home when you are showing the home. If you cannot here are a couple of ideas:
  4. Only show on appointment. Don’t allow drive bys.
  5. Let a neighbor or friend know when those appointments are and arrange to call them after the appointment.
  6. Have a code word or phrase that you can use should you feel uncomfortable during the showing. Excuse yourself to make a phone call and use the phrase. It could be something as simple as “don’t forget to get milk.”
  7. Remove or hide all jewelry, valuables, weapons and prescription medicine bottles.
  8. Try to avoid giving out too much information over the phone, such as information about security systems or times the house might be unoccupied.
  9. Ask for identification before allowing someone in your home and then ask them for their phone number and email address. Jot down a description of their car and make note of their license plate number. Keep a list of the people that have viewed your home.
  10. Never leave someone that is viewing your home alone. After a showing make sure all windows and doors are locked.
  11. Never lead a buyer into a room. Always follow them into a room. Leave yourself an exit route and a clear path to the door.
  12. Keep your cell phone with you while showing.

10 Easy Ways to Spruce up your Front Porch


Your home is your haven away from the world. You love coming home and your front porch should be the gateway to your happy place.

Here are 10 easy ways to spruce up your front porch.

~Paint your front door a color that makes you happy. Pick your favorite color and paint away
~Spray paint your existing hardware. Are you still sporting the golden door knob? Choose a matte black or gray and update the look.
~Add a interesting door knocker.
~Add or upgrade the lighting around your door.
~Add some plants. Mix pot sizes and plant types. Also add some hanging basket plants.

~Replace your door mat.
~Give everything a good pressurewashing. You will be amazed at how wonderful things will look with a good cleaning.
~Update your house numbers.
~Have a smaller porch? Try a vertical planter attached to the wall beside the front door.
~Add a porch swing or new rocking chairs.

Moving with Fifi and Fido


Moving can be stressful for everyone, including your pets. There are a few things that you can do to help elevate that stress.


Picking the right place:

You might not always be able to take your pet into consideration when chosing a place to live but if you can, keep these things in mind.

~Make sure to check with animal control about the types and number of animals you might have. You do not want to have to face a choice of rehoming your pet or moving.

~ If you have a dog, is there a safe place to let them run? Is there a dog park close by?

~ Will there be too many stairs for your older dog?

~ Will there be plenty of places for your cat to climb?




Before the Move

~Update your pet’s id information. Order new id tags and put your new address on file with your vet and microchip company.

~Make vet arrangements. Are you moving farther away and need a new vet? Get recommendations and call and speak to the office. Get a copy of your vet records to give to your new vet.

~If you are going to need hotel arrangements make sure that you call ahead and arrange for your pet to stay with you.

Moving Day:

~ Place your pet in his/her carrier away from the hustle and bustle of the packing and movers.

~ Pack a separate bag with the most important things your pet might need. Food, medicine, bottle ofwater, favorite toy, treats.

Welcome Home:

~Unload your pet from the car and let them go to the bathroom.

~ Try to keep routine and schedule as similar as possible to avoid stress.

~ Place them in a room away from the noise. Surround them with some of their favorite toys.

~ Make sure to inspect your new home and yard for any dangers or anything they shouldn’t get into.

~ Give them extra love for the first couple of days.

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